Our response to COVID-19

Phu Bia Mining COVID-19 Vaccination Program

PanAust and its subsidiary companies continue to offer support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to keep its workforce, customers, suppliers and communities safe. The Company’s COVID-19 response is guided by the latest advice from local Governments and health authorities.

Our people matter

The health, safety and well-being of PanAust’s people is, and will continue to remain, the Company’s top priority. At all our Operating sites we maintain strict COVID-19 protocols. We remain vigilant closely monitoring the situation locally and work to proactively manage how we continue to work and conduct business safely.

In line with Government and health authority guidance and directives, PanAust put in place a range of COVID-19 measures. These include wearing a face mask, social distancing, quarantine (when necessary), roster changes, PCR testing, alternate team schedules, temperature testing and voluntary COVID-19 vaccination.

Operating sites in Laos

  • Company COVID-19 Vaccination Program: In 2021, in support of the Government of Laos’ national vaccination program, the Company donated funds for the purchase of 30,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses and subsequently launched a voluntary vaccination program for its employees and contractors. Over a six month period from April to September, more than 98 per cent of its workforce were vaccinated by teams from the Government of Laos’ Ministry of Health.

  • Personal hygiene: PanAust's workforce is required to adhere to strict hand washing and sanitising controls before entering communal areas such as dining rooms. Additionally, there is increased frequency and extra deep cleaning of equipment and facilities at all operating sites.

  • Fitness for work screening: All site bound personnel undergo a PCR test before arriving at an Operating site. Once at site, employees are regularly screened for their fitness for work with their temperatures taken daily.

  • Transportation: PanAust has strict controls in place for transporting its workforce. Employees are only permitted to travel in Company-controlled vehicles in non-red zone or hot spot areas. The safe movement of the workforce is key to ensuring Operations continue to operate and are COVID-19 free. Strict measures are in place to control and screen goods and concentrate transported to and from all Company-controlled worksites.

  • Population density: As appropriate, PanAust has reduced its onsite workforce to control population density at its Operating sites. The reduced rate of social interaction on site further protects our workforce and the broader communities its people interact with.

Corporate offices

PanAust office-based employees have either returned to work or have flexible work arrangements. In Brisbane and Vientiane employees from time-to-time may be advised to work from home on the direction from local Governments and/or in-house risk teams.

All offices have been set up to enable compliance with social distancing guidelines in each country.

Supporting our people's mental health

Employees and their families requiring extra support are encouraged to access the Company-provided confidential 24 hour Employee Assistance Programs.

Supporting our communities

PanAust is committed to supporting the communities close to where it operates through the evolving pandemic. 

The Company has pledged medical assistance packages and financial support to the provincial and central Governments of Laos. In Papua New Guinea, PanAust – through its wholly-owned subsidiary company Frieda River Limited – continues to provide medical assistance and financial support to communities close to its Frieda River exploration site.  

Supporting our customers and suppliers

PanAust continues to work closely with its customers and suppliers. The Company is providing regular updates to customers and suppliers, including the strict COVID-19 control measures being adhered to at its Operating sites.

Media releases

Mr Lei Feng

Non Executive Director

Mr Lei Feng has over 20 years of financial management experience in various sectors including printing, packaging, shipbuilding, grain trading, mining and finance.

Mr Feng began his career in 2004 as a Financial Accountant at C & C Joint Printing Co., (Guangdong) Ltd., after completing a Masters of Business Administration degree between 2002 and 2004 at Sun Yat-Sen University.

After five years, in 2009, Mr Feng was appointed as Financial and Executive Manager at Heshan Innopak Co., Ltd. Since 2013, Mr Feng has held senior financial positions with various Guangdong state-owned companies regulated under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

In 2013, Mr Feng took up a new appointment as Financial Controller, at Guangxin Shipbuilding and Heavy Industry Co., Ltd and was appointed in 2016, as the Financial Controller with Donlink Group Co., Ltd.

In 2018, Mr Feng joined Guangdong Rising Holdings Group Co. Ltd., (GRHG) as the Deputy General Manager of the Finance Department and later in 2020 he was appointed as General Manager of Finance. In early 2022, Mr Feng took on his current position of General Manager of Guangdong Rising Investment Development Co., Ltd, with GRHG.

Mr Feng became a Non-executive Director of the PanAust Limited Board of Directors on 10 May 2022.