The Ban Houayxai Gold-Silver Operation reaches significant production milestone

In August, PanAust’s Ban Houayxai Gold-Silver Operation produced one million ounces (oz) of gold, marking an outstanding achievement and milestone for the Operation and the Company.

Operated by PanAust’s Lao-registered company, Phu Bia Mining, construction of the Operation began in early November 2010, with the first production of gold-silver doré in April 2012. Since production commenced, the Operation has averaged approximately 107,000oz of gold annually.

In 2013, Ban Houayxai received the ‘Project Development of the Year Award’ at the Mines and Money Asia Mining Awards in recognition of outstanding project management for the development and construction of the Operation.

Phu Bia Mining Manager Director, Wen Fu Wang spoke about the award-winning Operation which has become synonymous with production excellence. 

“Ban Houayxai’s production excellence is complimented by its world-class safety performance, seen in the 1,000 day injury free period the Operation recorded from 2018.

“In 2013, the Ban Houayxai mobile and fixed plant maintenance warehouse facilities received the Caterpillar five-star contamination control rating. At the time, the five-star ratings were two of only six worldwide and the first awarded in a developing country. Year-on-year the Operation has maintained this highest rating, which has come to represent operational excellence.

“The Ban Houayxai process plant achieved pre-operational certification to the International Cyanide Management Institute’s Cyanide Code in 2012 and has maintained full Cyanide Code accreditation throughout operations. 

“I would like to thank everyone who is and has worked for or supported Ban Houayxai operations; this milestone could not have been achieved without your hard work and dedication. I look forward to the Operation’s next great achievement,” Wen Fu said. 

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