Sepik Development Project, Papua New Guinea (PanAust 100 per cent)

In December 2018, PanAust announced it had identified a new nation-building pathway for the Frieda River Project.

The new approach to the Project focuses on the development of shared-use infrastructure that will support, and in turn be supported by, a hydroelectric facility and mining operation. Under this inclusive development model, the Project will be a core component of a transformative nation-building opportunity - the Sepik Development Project.

The Sepik Development Project contemplates four interdependent Projects that together will create a new economic corridor across the West and East Sepik Provinces:

  • the Sepik Infrastructure Project
  • the Frieda River Hydroelectric Project
  • the Frieda River Copper-Gold Project
  • the Sepik Power Grid Project

For further information about the Sepik Development Project, see the Frieda River website.