Online PanAust Whistleblower Service

Below you will find the online form to lodge your report. All issues raised are treated seriously. We will follow them up conscientiously, discreetly and without bias. Whenever possible, we will report back to you.

Tips for making the best report

Please be specific. Tell us:

  • If you an employee, contractor, supplier, vendor or other?

  • What is the wrongful behaviour?

  • When and where did it occur?

  • How many times did it occur? For how long?

  • Is it still happening?

  • Who is engaged in this behaviour?

  • Has the behaviour been reported before? If so, to whom?

  • How did you become aware of this behaviour?

  • What action would you like to see taken?


To further protect your online anonymity, you may wish to use a computer at home, the library or other location that is not part of your organisation’s computer network when making your submission. Detailed information assists with any investigation.

    Help with attachments

    You can attach as many files as you wish.

    Most standard document and image file formats can be attached: TXT, DOC, RTF, PPT, HTM, HTML, XLS, CSV, TIF, PDF, JPG, GIF, and BMP. If you need to attach an email, please save the file as a PDF or TIF, Raw email files cannot be attached.

    Before completing your report, you will be provided a list of the files you have confirmed for attachment. You can preview and/or remove any of the candidate files prior to completing your report.

    Case Number

    Once you have submitted your concern, you will be assigned a unique case number. Please retain this case number in a safe place. You will use it to learn what action is being taken as a result of your report, or to add information to your report.

    The PanAust Whistleblower Service will never reveal a case number. If you have forgotten your case number and have more information to provide, please submit a new report