Our response to COVID-19

PanAust and its subsidiary companies are actively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep its workforce and the broader community safe and to support our customers. 

The Company takes the pandemic very seriously and its response to COVID-19 is guided by the latest advice from local Governments and health authorities.

Our people matter

The health, safety and well-being of PanAust's people is, and will continue to remain, the Company's top priority.


Operating sites in Laos

  • PanAust's workforce are required to wear the mandatory personal protective equipment such as Company-issued face masks and practice social distancing, undertake extra deep cleaning on equipment and in facilities and adhere to restricted and staggered access to key areas on site. 
  • PanAust has reduced its on site workforce in an effort to reduce population density in open and closed spaces. The reduced rate of social interaction on site further protects our workforce and the broader communities its people interact with. 
  • PanAust has strict controls in place for transporting its workforce. Employees are only permitted to travel in Company-controlled vehicles. The safe movement of the workforce is key to ensuring worksites continue to operate and are COVID-19 free. Strict measures are in place to control and screen goods and concentrate transported to and from all Company-controlled worksites. 
  • As part of operational transitional plans, PanAust is segregating its incoming workforce and existing personnel to reduce any potential risk of transmission of COVID-19. PanAust has also implemented roster changes and increased fitness for work screening. 
  • Personnel returning to operational sites are subject to a strict safety reset including an induction to the COVID-19 controls in place on site.

Corporate offices

PanAust has reduced non-essential personnel by supporting working from home arrangements. In Vientiane, Myanmar and Brisbane, employees from time to time may be advised to work from home on the direction from local Governments and/or in-house risk teams.

All offices have been set up to enable social distancing guidelines in each country.

Supporting mental health 

Employees and their families requiring extra support are encouraged to access the Company provided free and confidential 24 hour Employee Assistance Program.

Supporting communities 

PanAust is committed to supporting the communities close to where it operates through this challenging, unprecedented and rapidly evolving pandemic. 

The Company has pledged medical assistance packages and financial support to the provincial and central Governments of Laos. In Papua New Guinea, PanAust - through its wholly-owned subsidiary company Frieda River Limited - continues to provide medical assistance and financial support to communities close to its Frieda River exploration site.  

Supporting our customers and suppliers 

PanAust acknowledges the support of its customers and suppliers during these challenging times and will continue to work closely with them. The Company is providing regular updates to customers and suppliers, including the measures being adhered to at its operating sites to stop the potential spread of COVID-19.


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