PanAust Limited and its subsidiaries – including Phu Bia Mining Limited (PBM) – have transitioned to SAP Ariba® (Ariba), a cloud-based platform that facilitates supplier registration, record management, procurement and contract management and supplier performance.

For our suppliers, registering on the Ariba network means you will be able to:

  • submit quotations and proposals online via your Ariba profile
  • access Ariba’s whole network of buyers
  • update your details any time.

If you would like to respond to a request for quotation or proposal advertised on Ariba, you will need to create an Ariba account (if you don’t already have one).

How to join Ariba and PanAust’s Ariba realm

If you are a current PanAust or PBM supplier you may receive an email notification from Ariba containing a link from which they will be able to join Ariba (suppliers not already registered with the platform) or PanAust’s Ariba realm (supplier who are already registered with the platform).

Once you have joined PanAust’s Ariba realm, you will be able to participate in PanAust’s requests for a quotation or proposal if you are invited to do so.

Frequently asked questions

Suppliers must be registered on Ariba and be part of the PanAust Ariba realm to respond to requests for a quotation or proposal issued to you by PanAust.

There are no fees associated with registering as a supplier on the Ariba network. There are also no fees for PanAust suppliers responding to an invitation to participate in a request for quotation or proposal issued by PanAust.

You may however incur fees by transacting with customers other than PanAust on the Ariba network.

The information is stored on Ariba’s cloud network. Note Ariba collects only the information needed to transact with you.

Your quote or proposal will be submitted to PanAust through Ariba and subsequent communications relating to the quote or proposal will come from Ariba. See the ‘Supplier support‘ page on Ariba’s website for further information about the platform and how to register.

Quick reference guides for suppliers

How to register with Ariba