PanAust's Values

  • High performance outcomes in all that we do.
    • Our employees are performance-focused with clear task definition, measurement and accountability. We constantly seek to improve performance and are committed to supporting employee development. Individual results and merit form the basis for performance-based pay and promotion.
  • Respect for people.
    • Respect through our commitment to our employees’ health and safety through our Zero Harm safety objective and treating employees with consistency and fairness.
    • Respect for the environment through best practice environmental performance that reflects the expectations of the communities in which we operate and promotes an internal culture of environmental and social awareness.
    • Respect in the way we manage our daily business activities for the people and cultures of our host countries.
  • Integrity in all of our dealings with employees, communities, government, suppliers and shareholders.
  • Excellence in communications with all stakeholders but especially with our employees. We seek fair, honest and transparent dealings with our employees and stakeholders through open, two-way communication.
  • Recruitment of high-calibre people, recognising the key to our success will be leaders who earn the authority of their position by gaining the respect of their team. We offer an encouraging and stimulating work environment, providing the necessary individual training and development to enable all employees to operate effectively.
  • Alignment of employees to Company objectives through good leadership and systems that drive the right behaviour.


Our people

PanAust’s respect for and commitment to its people is embedded in it Values and its inclusive and diverse culture. In countries where it operates, PanAust is committed to the localisation of its workforce through training and development programs. PanAust’s in-house development programs enable its employees to acquire new skills, advance their qualifications and work in environments with diverse cultural compositions.

More than 93 per cent of its workforce in Laos is comprised of Lao-nationals with the remaining seven per cent comprising of expatriate workers primarily from neighbouring Southeast Asian countries and Australia.

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