Respecting our people

PanAust has an integrated suite of human resource policies, standards and support systems to attract, reward, develop and retain high-calibre people. The Company focuses on diversity, training, internal communication and leadership development to align the workforce with its Vision and Values and ensure employees are aware of behavioural and high-performance expectations across the Group. 

The Company continues to attract a diverse and multi-cultural workforce, with employees from Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. PanAust promotes and encourages diversity by engaging a wide range of people from different backgrounds to bring a variety of perspectives and broad combinations of skills and experiences to the Company. PanAust's Diversity Standard sets out the Company's commitment to diversity in the workplace.

A stable workforce across the PanAust Group is indicative of employee commitment to and support of the Company. It relates to the recruitment process matching employees to the right jobs, internal career development opportunities and an engaged workforce. The Company also enjoys favourable workplace relations, reflected in an excellent labour relations record where differences are resolved in a manner that prevents industrial disputes.

PanAust's Employee Policy offers a statement of how the Company works with employees to achieve its Vision.

The PanAust Employee Awards Program recognises individuals' outstanding contribution in areas that have the greatest impact on the business and other employees, namely safety, leadership, sustainability and production.

For further information regarding PanAust's employee relations, refer to the 'Our people' section of the  2018 Business Review and Sustainability Report.