PanAust brings logistics activities in-house

Since mid-February, PanAust’s Lao-registered Company, Phu Bia Mining (PBM) has forged ahead to transition logistics activities in Vietnam and Thailand previously managed by an external contractor ‘in-house’.

In Vietnam, PBM Logistics convoys would travel 10 kilometres (km) to deliver concentrate containers to a contractor who would then shuttle the containers to and from the Hon La Port.

As part of transitioning activities, PBM trucks and Lao national drivers now deliver concentrate an additional 140 km direct to Hon La Port with the first deliveries successfully completed on 22 February.

This move to expand logistics capabilities realises both immediate and long-term value for the Company including significant cost reductions, enabling business flexibility to meet changing demand and increasing jobs locally.

The Company also implemented other supporting activities to safely and effectively enable this new approach including: training and up skilling 60 drivers on the additional 140 km route as well as unloading procedures at Hon La Port, the replacement of its aged Volvo truck fleet with 40 new Scania Prime Mover trucks and relocation of the existing facility at Thakhek closer to the Vietnam border at Langkhang, which is located at the base of the mountain range 16 km from the border on the Laos side.

Watch the video of the first ‘Scania convoy’ on their return from the Phu Kham Copper-Gold Operation loaded with 34 tonnes of copper concentrate.