PanAust maintains an open dialogue with key stakeholders on mine closure

On 21 August, PanAust’s Lao-registered Company, Phu Bia Mining (PBM) shared insights on mine closure at the World Bank’s ‘Dissemination Workshop on Mine Closure Decree’ at the Landmark Hotel in Vientiane, Laos.

The Workshop addressed such topics as the content of the Mine Closure Decree, requirements for mine closure, Government regulations on mining licences and sustainable environmental rehabilitation. It also facilitated reflective discussions about best practices in mine closure and mine closure planning for the Lao mining industry.

The opening session included remarks highlighting a submission on mine closure planning as one requirement for issuing future mining licences from the Vice Minister of Energy and Mines, H.E. Mr Chanhsone Senebouttalath.

PanAust Environment and Closure Manager, Peter Bayliss delivered a presentation on the Company’s mine closure planning process and participated in a panel discussion fielding questions from meeting participants representing other industries, non-government organisations and Government of Laos departments.

Pictured: PanAust Environment and Closure Manager, Peter Bayliss (second from the right) participating in a panel discussion during the World Bank's 'Dissemination Workshop on Mine Closure Decree'